A cheap but jobless world filled wih robots

I think we’re heading towards a world where prices of products and services will only take into account conception costs as well as reflect scarcity of material ressources used in the process and that will have to be run and recycled in a sustainable way. Manufacturing and delivery costs will be brought close to zero thanks to automation. That means less and less jobs for people, but more and more affordable services and products.

Given that technology enables us to make more and more products/services with less and less material ressources, given that we’re getting better and better at recycling material ressources, given that material ressources, though limited, are available in very large quantity and given that human population will quite certainly plateau at 9 billion people by 2050 as most demographers predict it will, I’m pretty confident that material ressources won’t be in the end the limiting factor to Humans’ way of life. The limiting factor might just be in the end time people have to do things.
I can think of a world where most Humans will live just like Romans in ancient Rome : with free games and free bread, « panem et circenses », without even the need to work, in a world where robots will be doing all the tedious and alienating tasks. Most humans might just become passive consumers, rewarding by their choices some smart « creative designers » at the expense of others. 
Thanks to the empowering tools brought by technology, anyone will have the possibility to become a « creative designer », but most Humans probably won’t be able to make it to the elite and will just enjoy their time on Earth with all those cheap restaurants, trips and goods.

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